Finmere History Newsletters: First Series (1987-99)
Not Much History Here Then!

Number Topic
1 Introduction to FHS. Finmere place name. Airfield. The Roman Road. Population in 1991.
2 Miscellany. Great Central Railway. King John's Hunting Lodge. Reluctant churchgoers. Poverty. Population 1801-1991.
3 Smallpox and Archaeology. Smallpox vaccination in Finmere. Archaeology including the Roman Road.
4 The Clifford family.
5 St Michael's church. Civil war. Church clock.
6 Finmere at war. The war memorial. Second World War. Airfield.
7 A Christmas and New Year Miscellany. Including: the Deer Park; the Warren; open fields; killing of hedgehogs and sparrows; Capability Brown; the troubles of publican Robert Greaves.
8 Water, Wells and Pumps. Finmere place name. Water supplies. Dowsing. Water pumps. Church water cistern.
9 Pancakes and Celebrations. Pancake day. Mayday. Royal Celebrations.
10 Finmere in Early Victorian Times. The 1840 Tithe Map. 1851 Census.
11 The Rise and Fall of Finmere House. The history and current ruinous state of Finmere House.
12 Bank Holiday Quiz. (Slow download)
13 The Dukes of Buckingham and their Finmere Estates: Part 1. First Finmere Purchases.
14 The Dukes of Buckingham and their Finmere Estates: Part 2. The Ascent to the Dukedom.
15 The Dukes of Buckingham and their Finmere Estates: Part 3. The Fall of a Dukedom.
16 Stowe Road Proposal. Poacher Cranfield. Plans for the Millennium History of Finmere.
17 The Flood of 1998.
18 The Inspector Calls. Victorian schooldays.
19 Finmere School. Fortieth Anniversary.
20 Bicentenary of Finmere Smallpox Vaccination. Robert Holt.