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Newsletter 12: August 1998

6.00pm Saturday
5 September

Wine and Cheese
at the Village Hall (£1.50)

Collect your subscription copy of

History of Finmere.

Copies for sale at only £5.00.

We will deliver any subscription copies not collected on the 5th during the following two weeks.

Blomfield Republished

Our own research into Finmere’s history owes much to James Charles Blomfield, who was Rector of Launton and Rural Dean of Bicester during the reign of Queen Victoria. Like many of his nineteenth century colleagues, Blomfield combined pastoral care with research into the history of the parishes under his care. During the 1860s he embarked on a systematic examination of the history of the Deanery.

Blomfield was a hard working scholar: at his death in 1895 he had published histories of nineteen parishes and a general volume of the Early History of the Present Deanery of Bicester. His History of Finmere, published in 1887, was the third volume.

As a tribute to Blomfield’s scholarship and as a contribution to our history of Finmere project, we will republish Blomfield’s History on 5 September 1998. The new edition includes:

We received an excellent response to our subscription offer: 135 copies were purchased in advance by villagers and friends of Finmere. Subscribers’ names are listed in the new edition.

It is not too late to buy a copy of this limited edition. Join us at the Village Hall on the 5th and enjoy some cheese and wine as well.

A Millennium History

The main aim of the Historical Society is to produce a new history of the village for the Millennium. We will be discussing our ideas for this at our next three meetings at the Kings Head on 10 September, 8 October and 12 November. We would like to know what you would like to see in the new History and everyone is welcome at our meetings.


This is our twelfth free newsletter distributed to all houses in the village. If you live beyond the village you can now subscribe. Please send six stamped addressed envelopes to Carol Cranfield, Furthering Hobbs, Valley Road, Finmere, MK18 4AL. We will then send you the next six issues over the next twelve months.

Views of Finmere

Here are two views of the village published in Blomfield’s History. Can you identify them? Answers from the Village Hall on the 5th.

View 1

View 2







Each circle on the map below indicates the location of one of the pictures above. Write the picture number in the circle. Answers from the Village Hall on the 5th September. Good luck!