The Feet of Fines for Oxfordshire 1195-1291

Source and Copyright: Oxfordshire Record Society vol. XII. Ed Rev HE Salter 1930.

[A fine means a settlement of a dispute. Fines in this volume are about settlements reached in the Kings Court. “Feet of fines” refers to the third copy of the fine kept at Westminster. Often this was used as a feigned lawsuit, the record of the fine producing a permanent record of the argument.]

[p65-66] 62. 6 Hen III, Westm’ three weeks after Easter [Apr. 1222]; Petronella de Finemere pet., and Gilbert de Finemere ten.; four virgate in Finemere; a plea; G. conceded to P. two virgates and a messuage to be held by her and her heirs, doing the foreign service due; in return P. quitclaims the remainder (superplusium).

[p111] 21. 25 Hen III, Oxford, 3 weeks after Easter [21 Apr. 2141]; Petronilla [sic] de Finemere et Alina her sister pet, and Ric. de Hanred ten.; a knights fee in Heyforde, Caldecote and Northbroke; a plea; P. and A. quitclaimed; R. agreed to grant P. and A., for their lives, a quarter of wheat each at Michaelmas at Heyford; R. gave them 2 shillings.

[p142] 42. 31 Hen III, Oxford, 3 weeks from Holy Trinity [17 June, 1247]; Adam Feteplace quer., and Will. de Bosco of Finemere and Phillipa his wife imp.; 33s 6d of rent in Oxford; warranty of charter; w. and P. recognise it is the right of A., of their gift, rendering to them and to the heirs of P. one lb. of cummin; A. gave them a sore sparrowhawk.

[p151] 77. 31 Hen III, Westm’, 5 weeks from Easter [5 May 1247]; Laurence de Broke quer., and Rob. de Chaundos imp. by Will. de Wentewrthe; a carucate in Fynemere; warranty of charter; R. recognised that the carucate and all else which might fall to him there by heredity was the right of L.; of his gift, to be held of R. and his heirs, rendering to the chief lords the services due; L. gave R. 100 marks.

[p157] 22. 35 Hen. III, Westm’, 15 days from Sep. 29 [13 Oct. 1251]; Laurence del Brok quer.; and Will de Bosco imp.; a carucate of land in Finemere; warranty of charter; W. recognised that it was the right of L., of the gift of W.; to be held by him and his heirs, rendering 1d. at Easter for all service, suit of court, etc., and doing to the [my transcript is incomplete!]

[p163] 44. 36 Hen. III, Westm’, the octave of Mich. [6 Oct. 1252]; Alice widow of Rob. de Chaundos pet., and Laurence del Brok ten.; a carucate and 5 virgates in Fynemer; a plea; A. quitclaimed all here right in the said land as dos; L. agreed that he and his heirs will pay her 20s a year as long as she lives.

[p205] p19. 3 Ed., Westm’ quindene of Michaelmas [13 Oct. 1275]; Walter son of Rob. de Finymere q.; Ric. de Henne and Murial his wife imp.; a mess., a virg. of land and an acre of meadow in Fynmere; war. of charter; R. and M. and heirs of M. grant to W. and his heirs; rent 1d; W. pays ten marks.