The Oxfordshire Eyre 1241

Source and Copyright: Oxfordshire Record Society Vol. 56, 1989. Ed Janet Cooper.

[Under John and Henry III, the general eyre, or eyre for common pleas, was a royal court moving around the country to enforce law in a manner convenient for the litigants. The pleas were heard by a Justice of the Peace who normally sat at Westminster.]

[p8] 85 Oxon. Geoffrey son of Philip essoins Robert Bruant against Hugh son of rannulf; assize mort dancestor. New case.

[p12] 121 Oxon. Robert of Finmere essoins William du Boys, whom Gilbert de Bracy and Hawise his wife called to warrenty, Parnel of Finmere and Aline her sister. Afterwards he came.

See nos. 387, 670.

Entry crossed out.

[p49] 387 Ploughley A jury comes to declare whether 6 yardlands in Finmere are free alms belonging to the church of Rannulf parson of Finmere or a lay fee of William du Boys. William comes and calls to warrant the abbot of St. Augustine’s Bristol. Let him have him at Westminster 15 days after Michaelmas by aid of the court. He is to be summoned in Gloucestershire.

See no. 121; cf. no. 670.

[p97] 670 Oxon. Parnel of Finmere and Alma here sister acknowledge that they have quitclaimed for themselves and their heirs for ever to the abbot and covent of St. Augustine, Bristol, 3 yardlands in Finmere, as the charter they gave the abbot testifies.

Cf. no. 387.

[p100] 685 Ploughley David of Finmere and Cecily his wife were summoned to answer Alice de Cayman on a plea that they render her 10 marks which they owe her and unjustly withold.

David and Cecily come and deny force and injury. Since she has not produced any suit or writing or anything else to which they ought to answer, it is adjudged that they go without day, and Alice is in mercy. She is poor.

[p122] 795 Walter de Culerne, who has died, appealed Walter Stubbe of Finmere of robbery and wounding and breach of the king’s peace. Walter Stubbe had not come, so in mercy, and his sureties in mercy, namely Reynold de Freyn and Richard de Grenville.

He appealed Roger Gray of Buckingham of the same. Roger has not come, so he and his sureties in mercy, namely Laurence le Brun, and all the other sureties have died.

[p123] 809 The jurors say that Rannulf parson of Finmere made an enchroachment on the king’s highway in Finmere, so in mercy.