List of Finmere Poor and Other Inhabitants: 1764

This list is compiled from a paper in the Stowe Collection, Huntington Library, San Marino, California (STG Manorial Box 48(60)). A version was published as Gibson, J. "Finmere Parish," Oxford Family Historian, 5:7, 1991, 284-5, but that has several errors. 

Surname Forename Description Text of STG Manorial 48 (60)
"List of Finmere Poor to whom old hedges were given in Winter 1764"
Inhabitant List of Finmere Poor Fag[otts]. Children Poles
Hunt Widow Widow 2 Giveth (?) Wid. Hunt      
Taylor James   James Taylor and a woman 25 0 9
Johnston Charlotte   Char. Johnston 15 0
Parker Gabriel   Gab. Parker 20 2
Fagin Henry Carpt Hen. Fagin 20    
Giberd James   Jam. Giberd 40 5 15
Smith Jane   Jane Smith. 25 3 0
Shepherd John   Jno Shepherd 20 2
Brum John Butcher Jno. Brum. Butcher 15 3 0
Gurawar John   Jno. Gurawar 30 6 11
Harden John   Jno. Harden 25 0 9
Neal John   Jno. Neal 30 5 11
Thornton John   Jno. Thornton 40 7 15
Richard Neal   Richd. Neal 15 0
Smith Richard   Richd. Smith 15 1
Hart Sarah   Sarah Hart 30 3 11
Jones Widow Widow Wid' Jones 35 2 13
Adams William   Wm. Adams 40 7 15
Crew William   Wm. Crew 40 3 15
Hunt William   Wm. Hunt 25 2 9
Newman William   Wm. Newman 20 1 7
Westbury William   Wm. Westbury 40 7 15


"List of Inhabitants of Finmere exclusion of what are in the poore list."
Surname Forename Occupation  Text of STG Manorial 48 (60)
Holt Captain   Cap. Holt
Long Thomas Rev. Rector from 1733 to 1771. Revd. Mr Long, Rect.
Harding William Churchwarden between 1757 and 1768. M[r] Harding, Finmere
Paxton Willam Churchwarden between 1757 and 1768 M[r] Paxton, Finmere
Adams Mr   Adams, Finmere
Hall Mr   Hall, Finmere
Greaves Mr   Greaves, Finmere
Scott Mr   Scott, Finmere
Scott Mr   Scott, Finmere
Kinch Mr   Kinch, Finmere
Malins Mr   Malins, Finmere
George Henry Sheep dealer Hen. George, Dealer in sheep.
Taping Henry (senior) Carpenter Hen. Taping. sen., carpt.
Taping Henry (junior) Carpenter Henry Taping, jun., carpt.
Godfrey John (senior) Labourer Jno. Godfrey sen., labr.
Godfrey John (junior) Cooper Jno. Godfrey jun., Cooper.
Neal Richard Brewer Rich. Neal, sells ale.
Neal Thomas Tailor Tho. Neal, taylor.
Gavsley Richard Carpenter Rich. Gavsley, carpt.
Mumford Henry Labourer Henr. Mumford, labr.
Strange William Brickmaker William Strange, brickillman.
Strange Richard Baker Rich. Strange, baker.
Strange John Baker Jno. Strange, baker.
James   Butcher [blank] James, butcher
Brum John Butcher Jno. Brum, butcher

Our thanks to the Huntington Library.