The King's Head

The Kings Head in 1984

We do not know when an alehouse first stood on the site of the Kings Head, or for that matter when it was first given that name. The earliest certain reference is a map of 1813 in the Huntington Library, when it was owned by the Duke of Buckingham. On 30 July 1848, the Duke sold the pub at an auction at the Cobham Arms in Buckingham. It was then generating a rent of £18 a year and was purchased by the tenant for £370. That tenant was Robert Greaves, also a brickmaker and farmer.

Relaxation at the King's Head in the 1960s
(left to right)  Wilfred Davis, Nellie Jones, Alice Banfield, Trevor Banfield, Anna Banfield, Bill Banfield.

The Kings Head was extended in 1983, when a room was added to the side. During the late 1990s, the pub was in need of investment and refurbishment. This was not forthcoming and, on 8 April 1999, the Kings Head closed permanently. It is now housing.  

The Derelict Kings Head in 2001

Development in progress: January 2003