Town Close

At the 1947 Parish Meeting, questions were asked about the method the Rural District Council used to allocate houses and why so few houses had been built. The Meeting resolved to request that twelve prefabricated Airey Houses should be built immediately. Agricultural workers were to be given first priority as tenants, followed by ex-servicemen resident in Finmere. These houses were not built but two further pairs of council houses were erected (Nos. 5 to 8 White Houses). Although there was a housing shortage, many of the old stone cottages in Finmere were in a poor condition and were due for demolition. In 1950, the Parish Council heard that a number of the condemned cottages had been partly demolished and the sites left in an untidy condition. The RDC was asked to complete the demolition as soon as possible and leave the site in good order. This was delayed for at least two years, while the RDC waited for the last remaining tenant to move. At last, in 1952, the RDC informed the Parish Council that new council houses would be built. Numbers 9 to 16 Town Close were built in early 1952 and numbers 17 to 24 later that year. It was agreed that the new houses would be called ‘Town Close,’ after the name of field in which they were built.

Plan of Town Close from Deed