Cedar Lawn (Little Tingewick House)

Little Tingewick House was known as Cedar Lawn until it was sold at auction in 1928. The house was built before 1881. Corbett Barrett, overseer of the poor, was born at Finmere Grounds and moved to Cedar Lawn with his wife Ellen between 1915 and 1920. Corbett took an active part in village life and he assumed the post of Overseer of the poor on his father’s death. He held the post until his own death in 1928. Between 1903 and 1918, he was appointed by the Parish Meeting to represent it as a School Manager. In 1926, he was elected a trustee of the Poor’s Plot, Ells Charity and Keat’s Crowns. The couple had three daughters. He died aged 68 at Cedar Lawn and his wife, Ellen, died ten years later.

 Corbett Charles Barrett at Cedar lawn in the 1920s
(Reproduced with permission of Mrs Shirley)

After Corbett’s death, Cedar Lawn was put up for auction at the White Hart Hotel, Buckingham. Hoping to attract a country gentleman, the auctioneers made much of it being a convenient location for the local fox hunts. Major Francis Wilfred Gore-Langton OBE purchased the house and changed its name to Little Tingewick House.  

Little Tingewick House in 1999

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