Florence 'Floss' Mabel Clifford

These photographs were provided by the late Joan Chritchley of Tingewick for research and publication. Florence died in 1931.

Floss Clifford
The picture was taken outside the Red Lion on what is now the main road. Freeman's Petrol Station can be seen behind. The picture was sent to Ethel [Clifford?] as a postcard.

Floss Clifford with village children.
Clockwise from lower left: granddaughter of Mr and Mrs Hollyoaks who ran the sweet shop (now Well End, Mere Road); Edna Freeman, daughter of the proprietor of Freemans Petrol Station; Floss; another Hollyoaks granddaughter; Vidy Freeman, sister to Edna; Phylis Freestone who lived in a now demolished house in Mere Lane; Joyce Freeman, sister to Edna and Vidy. Phylis Freestone’s father was a signalman at Finmere Station: she later married Gordon Hutt and now lives in Water Stratford.

Many of the children featured in a school play: 'The Wishing Cap.' See The Millennium History of Finmere, page 112.

We do not know where this obituary was published.