Clifford Family Photographs

These photographs were provided by the late Joan Chritchley of Tingewick for research and publication. Joan passed away in December 2001. Additional information from Toni Skidmore.

These pictures were taken at Warren Farm around 1926 on the occasion of the wedding of Alice Clifford to Thomas Harris, a bricklayer from Buckingham. In the upper photograph, Thomas and Margaret, her parents, can be seen immediately behind the happy couple. Joan Chritchley, Thomas Clifford's granddaughter, is at the right, aged two years.

Ethel Clifford was one of eleven Clifford children who lived in the left-hand portion of what is now Long House in Mere Road. Her father, Thomas, is pictured overleaf. This picture was taken during World War 1. In 1920, at the age of twenty-one, Ethel married Harry Bennett from Brackley at Finmere church.

The picture left was taken about 1914. Arthur (left) and Will Clifford stand in their new uniforms shortly after enlisting in the South Nottingham-shire Hussars. They are posing with their proud father, Thomas, always known in Finmere as "Tommy-Dodd". Arthur was Joan's father and William Joan's uncle.

Percy Clifford outside Long House in the 1930s.

We have no information on this photograph.

Ada Clifford and [?] Davies at Long House.

This picture also came from Joan Chritchley but we do not know the names of those shown. It is taken at the bus stop opposite the Red Lion with Freeman's Garage in the distance.