Roundell Palmer's Memorials

Memorials. Part I. Family and Personal. 1766-1865. Roundell Palmer, Earl of Selborne. Volume 1. London, Macmillan & Co. Ltd. 1896. Index



[Roundell talks further of his friendships. The Oxford University Magazine was founded and Roundell contributed. The following anecdote is of interest.]


My own contributions were various in kind, some in verse, some in prose; the verses better, perhaps, than the prose, which was for the most part puerile. In one of them I invented an Earl of Selborne, having then no sort of interest in or knowledge of Selborne, not having even read Gilbert White’s book, though I had of course heard of it. It is hardly necessary to add, that this early anticipation of the title which I was afterwards to bear had no influence upon my purchase of land at Selborne in 1865, or upon my choice of that title in 1872.


Roundell Palmer ætat 22. R.A. Clack, Oxford, del.

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