Churchyard: Bakers Tomb

We know little of the Baker family, of whom four are buried below a chest tomb to the south the chancel. The  tomb features a remarkable lament to a son's neglect of his parents. William Baker erected the tomb more than 40 years after his father's death. The family was from Hammersmith and their connection with Finmere is not understood. 

In a vault
under this Tomb are
depofited ye Remains
of Isaac Baker
And Susanne
his wife
He died Aprl 1st 1728
Aged 77 years
She died Augst 28th 1741
Aged 76 years
Bakers Tomb from the west Inscription on west panel
This Tomb was Erected to their
Memory the 26th of Sepbr 1770
by their Son Will. Baker
not out of oftentation but by
his Induftry and Honefty it
being in his Power to Erect it
having too often obferved  that
when Parents have to the utmoft 
of their Power tenderly brought
up and educated their Children
that when grown Old and in want
they have quite neglected them
though in their Power to affift them
when this Infcription is read if
it should foften the Hearts of 
Children towards Parents
his principal defign in Erecting
this Tomb is Answered
Bakers Tomb from the southwest Inscription on south panels

William Baker
was Born Janry ye 1st 1700
and died Janry ye 28th 1780

Mrs Ann Swain
Sister of Mr
William Baker
Died Septr ye 16th 1783
Aged 72 years

Bakers Tomb from the northwest Inscriptions on north panels

The tomb was until recently maintained by a Charity established by his son in the year the tomb was erected.

From Blomfield

1780. Baker’s Charity

William Baker, son of Isaac (Ob. 1728, buried April 3,) and Susanna (Ob. 1744, buried Aug. 31,) Baker, of Finmere, ‘of the hamlet of Hammersmith in the parish of Fulham, Middlesex,’ by a codicil to his will, dated 17th October, 1770, directed his executors to place the sum of £100 in such manner as they should think proper in trust, and out of the interest thereof to pay 2/6 yearly to the clerk of the parish of Finmere to cut down and to keep the weeds clear from the tomb erected over his parents’ graves in Finmere Churchyard; the overplus he gave to Ann Jones, of Finmere, widow, for her life, and at her decease directed that such overplus should be distributed and given to any poor persons of the parish that should not receive alms. Mr. Baker was buried at Finmere on Feby. 6, 1760, and his sister, Anne Swain, on Sept. 21, 1783, both described as of Hammersmith.

An extract from this will, enclosed in a glazed frame, was hung on the west wall of the Church by Mr. Cleaver, Rector, in 1783. One requirement of this will was that the iron-work round the tomb was to be painted once in every six years.

Charity Commissioners’ Report, 1824:

It appears from a stock transfer ticket, dated 22nd August, 1782, that the executors of William Baker transferred on that day to the Rector and Churchwardens the sum of £100, 3 per cent. reduced annuities. It is supposed that this was done instead of paying the £100 money.
The stock now stands in the names of Robert Paxon and William Yates.
It is stated to be impossible to follow the directions of the testator in giving this money to poor people not receiving alms.


The tomb was listed Grade II by English Heritage in October 1988:

Chest tomb. Dated 1728. Ironstone. Inscription to Isaac Baker and his wife Susannah died 1728 and 1744 respectively. Corner balusters and chamfered ledger slab.